The Write Wing Warriors of Republic of Loriland believe that EVIL is exorcised by exposing it to the Light. Therefore, our mission is to expose evil, exchange information and encourage others to do the same. We unite with other patriots and our soldiers in taking an oath to support and defend our country and it’s Constitution against all enemies; foreign and domestic.

Our primary goal will be to help other patriots see that our rights, as our founding fathers so eloquently expressed, were endowed by our Creator. The Constitution was a world-changing, sacred document but it did not grant us our rights. It specified what our God-given rights were and organized a government that had never previously existed… a government for a free people.

The government was created to protect our rights, it did not give them to us. Therefore, the government has no right to take away what God gave us. Not only does the government not have the right, it does not have the ability to take away our rights. We The People can only lose God-given rights by giving them away. We give our rights away by selling our birthright, by not diligently protecting them, and by refusing to fight for them.


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